Myeongdong, Seoul – Streetfood and Shopping Haven


If there is one place in Seoul that you should not miss going to is Myeongdong.  I booked my hotel here twice. Oftentimes, when my friends ask me where to book I recommend Myeongdong so they can easily enjoy Korean streetfood and shopping! It is also very easy to get there as there is a station right in Myeongdong!

The first thing you need to do when you reach Myeongdong is…eat! Hundreds of food stalls line up the streets! This soft ice cream is 2500 Korean won.


and this is my favorite! Nutella crepe with cornflakes and banana –  4000 Korean won




and the fishcake you always see in Korean dramas and movies! Love to share this with Park Seo Joon! haha 

Everytime we go to Seoul, we eat in this restaurant! It is called Yoogane! They have 2 branches in Myeongdong. The first time we ate here was in 2011!


My Mom’s favorite!


Cute couples…they’re everywhere!


for Kyla…and for me!  so cute!!! cotton candy!!!!

I am sure that you know that South Korea is also popular with their cosmetics. Myeongdong is one of the best places to find all the cosmetic brands and each brand has 2-3 stores in this area alone, so you can never escape your fate of entering at least one store, and spending all your money on the best and most affordable Korean cosmetics. There will also be lots of giveways so carry lots of stuff back to your hotel!

Hello Kim Soo Hyun!


found a lot of cute stuff!

and again we’re hungry…There are hundreds of restaurants in Myeongdong and you will find one in every corner. We saw a big photo of this outside so we decided to try! Beef Ribs melted in cheese!


after melting the cheese…so yummy!

My mom is carrying a shopping bag! Cosmetics inside lol

Clothes and shoes shopping!

Tax Free!

Shopping in Myeongdong is Tax Free so do not forget to ask for a form so you can get a tax refund at the airport. There are also several tax refund counters in Myeongdong. The form will show which Tourist Refund Counter you should go as there are several types. I would recommend doing everything in the airport before your flight.

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