Haircut in Seoul

I did my haircut in Seoul when I visited in 2011 in Naht Salon in Hongdae. I had my hair styled with bangs. I maintained the same hairstyle in the next few years.

When I came back to Seoul last year, I decided to try going to a Salon again to see how they will style my hair this time. Since I look very Korean, I know they will be able to tell which style fits well.

There are thousands of Salons in Seoul. I was staying in Myeongdong area that time as I needed to do lots of cosmetics shopping so I checked for different salons in the area. I asked about digital perm as I also often curl my hair and maybe would like to do it semi permanently. The price was 300,000 Korean won in a few salons. Then I finally came to a salon located above Hello Kitty Cafe. The salon is called Oda Salon. The salon was so cute as it has industrial interiors which I love.

I was greeted by a very stylish guy with a platinum hair. He can speak English so I was able to tell him what I want. He suggested not to perm my hair. I decided to have my hair colored. The other staff took my bag and shopping bags and placed them inside a cute locker.

My hair has gotten a little bit on the orange side so I decided to go for a light blonde color to compliment my complexion. Let’s begin!

The stylist also asked me if I want to do treatment as my hair was so dry. He gave me a good package so I said yes!

But first…iced rice tea!

I asked him if he needs to bleach my hair and he said no need! So I was surprised and I got more excited…

So it began…


then the hair treatment…

After the hair color and the hair treatment, the stylist asked me if I want to cut my hair short. I said no. Then he asked me again 2-3x and  told me that short hair will look good on me. Honestly, I was scared to cut my hair short as the last time I cut my hair short was when I was in college.

My thoughts…exactly!

Descendants of the Sun was very popular during that time and I became a big fan of Kim Ji Won and she inspired me to say yes! Plus I know very well that I look very Korean and so for sure he knows what will look good on me.



He pulled all my hair to the back and then…SWISH! He cut my hair short!

I didn’t know that short looks good on me! My mom always tell me not to cut my hair short lol



I maintained the same short hairstyle since then! Everybody loved it!

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