Osaka, Japan will make you feel like you have entered into a time machine

Have you ever travelled to a city and felt like you just entered into a time machine? A place where you suddenly felt like your heart has captured your old soul. Osaka gave me that feeling. I’ve been to several cities in Europe and Asia where they have also maintained most of their architecture but none of these cities gave me any magic or mystery of what it feels like to have lived in the 1950’s.

Maybe I was a Japanese in my past life, so I thought. Whenever I do a list where to travel, I always include Japan. I always feel like someone or something is asking me to come back. Maybe I was the one in the photo lol. I also changed my name to Maiko.

If you noticed, I didn’t write anything about Tokyo yet even though I have been there many times because the Kansai Region is my ultimate favorite. I have not been to Nara and Kobe yet but Osaka and Kyoto is enough to for me to 100% say that I love this region.

I boarded a plane from Seoul to Osaka via Korean Airlines. I was on business class for one hour LOL. It was an early morning trip and I brought 25 kg of Korean cosmetic products with me as I will be flying back from Japan  to Dubai. My mom and my Kyla already went back to Manila and I travelled to Japan alone!


Park Seo Joon kept me company!


Arrival in Osaka

I booked a bed in a Guest House in Namba where you can find the all time famous Glico Man (Dotonbori – Chuo Ward area). I recommend booking a hotel in this area. I took a train (Nankai Railways) from the airport to Namba. It was a 35 minute trip.

Airport to the City 

By JR Haruka limited express train
Direct, 50 minutes, 1300-2850 yen one way to Shin-Osaka Station, 2 trains per hour
“Haruka” limited express trains connect Kansai Airport with Tennoji (30 minutes, 1710 yen by unreserved seat, about 2200 yen by reserved seat) and Shin-Osaka Station (50 minutes, 2330 yen unreserved, about 3000 yen reserved). With the Icoca & Haruka ticket, available to foreign tourists only, you can travel by non-reserved seat on the Haruka between the airport and Osaka for only 1100 yen (to Tennoji) or 1300 yen (to Shin-Osaka) if you own or purchase an Icoca prepaid card.
By JR airport rapid train
Direct, 70 minutes, 1030-1190 yen one way to Osaka Station, 2-3 trains per hour
Rapid trains connect the airport with Tennoji Station (50 minutes, 1060 yen) and Osaka Station (70 minutes, 1190 yen).
By Nankai Railways
Direct, 35-50 minutes, 920-1430 yen one way to Namba Station, frequent departures
“Rap:t” limited express trains take about 35 minutes and cost 1430 yen (all reserved) from Kansai Airport to Namba Station, while express trains do the same trip in about 45 minutes and for 920 yen. Those transferring to a subway line at Namba Station should consider the “Kanku Chikatoku Ticket” which combines the Nankai train ride from Kansai Airport to Namba Station and a subway journey from Namba Station to any subway station within Osaka for only 1000 yen one way. The ticket is also available for travel in the opposite direction.
By bus
Direct, 45-60 minutes, 1000-1550 yen one way to central Osaka, frequent departures
There are direct airport limousine buses from Kansai Airport to various places and hotels in Osaka, including Osaka Station (60 minutes, 1550 yen) and Namba Station (45 minutes, 1050 yen).

For the current Yen exchange rate, click here.

Looks easy…


The Train Machine looks so complicated so I asked a staff to help me. If you have a JR Pass, you can use it and no longer need to purchase a ticket from the machine.  


The model looks like my highschool friend Sheryl Tandaguen. I thought she’s in Singapore. I didn’t know she is modeling in Japan haha 


And so I reached Namba. Believe it or not, it’s like I entered into a different dimension. Osaka gave me a very different feeling. It’s like going I went inside a Time Machine.


A bookstore which looked so familiar. The place really gave me a nostalgic feeling.


The guesthouse was a 30 minute walk from the station. I can take the subway but I decided to just walk as I was completely loving the feeling. I felt like a Japanese actress filming a 1950’s movie especially after seeing these vintage cameras! 1950’s are widely considered the Golden Age of Japanese Cinema.


I spent the whole afternoon checking all the shops in the area. I also noticed a lot of slot machines and game shops. I ate Tonkatsu Curry (my favorite Japanese food) Price: 900 Yen (35 Dhs/450 Php). The serving was so big! It’s good for 2 people! I lost 9000 photos on my iphone and I lost my wallet in Bangkok which has two of my 4 Japan memory cards so I do not have the photo 🙁

Look at the Taxis! It’s like it just came out from a 1950’s poster!


Then I saw a shop selling Japanese cake for 99 yen!!! I remember buying this when I was in college in a small shop near Greenbelt!


yummy!! They come in different fillings but as usual I bought cheese and chocolate


It’s night time so it’s time to see the neon lights of the famous Dotonbori and all its eccentricity!!!! The feels!!!

12249780_10208187258905589_4584756338089254893_nThe start of the famous street! The lady in black is Korean actress Choi Ji Woo. Her drama Winter Sonata was very famous in Japan more than 10 years ago. She is still quite popular there seeing her poster in a major tourist area.


On the left was Glico Man!!! I was so happy seeing him haha

Do you know that the 33m Glico Man sign has been at the Ebusu-bashi bridge for the past 80 years? It has become one of the landmarks of Osaka and it still has an enduring popularity among locals as they congregate here to celebrate sporting victories. It’s a simple graphic showing an athlete in a victory pose and it is also one of the first ad to use LED technology.

The company behind the ad, Ezaki Glico, are a confectionery manufacturer based in the city, best known for their caramel candy and Pocky pretzel snacks.

Glico Man’s background color changes to blue, orange and pink so me being me…took photos of each color. Pink was my favorite.


If you have been to Tokyo, you can find Tsutaya in the famous Shibuya Crossing. This Starbucks will be on your right so take that route first.



ok but first…Iced Matcha Latte!!!


Yes, that’s me hehe



Takoyaki! Nothing compares to Osaka Takoyaki! The best I’ve tasted!! Make sure not to leave Osaka without trying this!


The one on the left 🙂  Hello!


Let me know what you will feel after seeing the next photos…






Looks like Chung Hwan and Kyla when they’re angry at me



A long line in the noodle place!



Maybe the boys want to play


I want Doraemon!!!!


I got hungry! Not expensive right?




The Canal



Ok Japan will always make you hungry! I went to the famous Ichiban Ichiran! The ramen was so good! I can still remember how it tasted! the chili made the broth taste even better. I have a video eating this but I lost also 🙁



Not that expensive right? Plan your trip to Japan now!


More 1950’s feels…




Hello again Glico Man!


I was curious why there was a long line. Same one I bought in Seoul.




I woke up early to go to Osaka Castle as I want to spend time there. The weather was really nice.

The way to Osaka Castle is through Otemon Gate at the park’s southwestern corner. The closest station is Tanimachi 4-chrome Station along the Tanimachi Subway Line and Chuo Subway Line. The closest JR station is the Osakajokoen Station on the JR Loop Line, a 10 minute, 160 yen ride from JR Osaka Station. The castle is open from 9am to 5pm and closed during Mondays.

You will usually see a group of students in Japan riding the subway together.


Welcome to Osaka Castle!


Japanese schools have the best school uniform in the world!


Saw this cute Korean boy running away from his mom and sat in one corner. He’s so cute!


A long walk to the castle. It didn’t bother me though as the view was so nice!


The best time to go to Osaka Castle is during Spring time as the castle is surrounded by cherry blossom trees. Autumn is also a great time to visit but I was one week earlier. I took hundreds of photos in this place. The entire Osaka Castle Park covers about two square kilometers with lots of green space, sport facilities, a multi-purpose arena (Osakajo Hall) and a shrine dedicated to Toyotomi Hideyoshi.



The castle tower is now entirely modern on the inside and even features an elevator for easier accessibility. It houses an informative museum about the castle’s history and Toyotomi Hideyoshi. Entrance Fee: 600 Yen. Photography is not allowed inside.


Osaka Castle will always be majestic to my eyes


had a light snack while watching Japanese students having fun. I took lots of photos of them as they looked so cute and very disciplined


I only stayed in Osaka for 2 days and I went to Kyoto the following day. I am going back next year to share more stories with you!

Domo Arigato! 


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