Why Double Cleansing is a Must!

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Double Cleansing is something that I discovered myself to be the most important part of Skincare. I have always been following the Korean skincare routine and amongst all the skincare advice, double cleansing is something that should not be ignored. No matter how much moisturizer you put on your face or how expensive your essence or serum cost (I am guilty to this as I really invest on expensive ones), if you are not properly removing make up from your face and not doing the right cleansing, then it will all be useless. You will welcome breakouts.

We all live in dusty cities, I am not saying in a bad way though, but it is the truth. There are thousands of invisible harmful chemicals in the air and we are unaware and at the same time aware of it. This means that when we go home at night, even if we didn’t put make up, our skin was exposed to dirt and dust or in one word pollutants. So to the men out there, this is also for you. This also applies for teenagers. You should all start caring for your skin as early as now.

So what do I mean by double cleansing? I will ask a few questions first with a few answers from my friends:

  1. How do you wash or clean your face before going to bed? I know the answer from majority of us  – I wash my face with a facial cleanser. That’s it right? For most Filipino women, they will answer, I use Ponds Facial Wash – Raise your right hand if I am correct.
  2. Have you tried to use the following before or after the facial wash- Cleansing Oil, Cleansing Water or Facial Wipes? – What? Cleansing Oil? That will make my face oily! Cleansing Water? Its just water! Can I use baby wipes?
  3. Do you feel relaxed or satisfied after washing your face with just facial wash? If no, your face feels heavy in the morning right?


Now, if you are only using Facial Foam to remove make up from your face, I challenge you to use cleansing oil with a facial cotton on your cheeks only after using facial wash and see how dark your white facial cotton will turn. This means that even if you washed your face with soap, facial foam or water for 3 minutes, it is still not completely clean. You will discover that all the problems you see in your face is because you are not cleansing your face properly.

Double Cleanse starts with a Cleansing Oil or Cleansing Balm followed by a Cleansing Foam 

How to use:

Cleansing Oil or Cleansing Balm: Dab a small amount of the cleansing oil in major parts of your face first such as cheeks, forehead, chin and eyes and spread it to your face in circular motion starting from the cheeks to the forehead and then to the eyes. You know that you are doing the right thing if it turns milky. I often see people washing the oil or balm with water but I don’t do that. I use a facial cotton to remove the oil or balm first from my face and then use the facial foam. This way, you can see that the make up or dirt was removed from your face especially mascara and liquid eyeliner. Oil and Water do not mix right? Use a Qtip to make sure that the eyeliner is completely removed.

Also note that Facial Cotton is different from Cotton Balls. When I studied skincare and make up in Seoul, they told me that choosing the right facial cotton is also a big factor. Make sure that use high quality facial cotton on your face.

Cleansing Foam: After removing the oil from your face, use the cleansing foam and rinse with water. Use running water. Do not use bath towel to clean your face.

Triple Cleansing 

You might also want to do Triple Cleansing like me. I also use Cleansing Water after the Cleansing Foam to make sure that I have removed all the make up residue and water based debris such as sweat from my face. If you don’t see anything on the facial cotton after this, then its time to go to the next step as you are already free from dirt and make up.

Recommended Products:

I will only recommend products that I have tried. I use toner, mositurizer, essence, sunscreen, bb cream, bronzer, highlighter, mascara, eyeliner, concealer, eyeshadow, blusher on my face every single day so just imagine how much I need to remove from my face every night. I don’t wear thick make up though. I do a skincare routine first before putting make up.

You can send me a message if you would like to order.

Cleansing Oil, Cleansing Balm, Cleansing Facial Wipes 

Clean It Zero Cleansing Balm 

I was given a sample of the Clean It Zero Cleansing Balm when I bought hydrogel facial masks from Banilla Co in Seoul. I honestly only use Cleansing Water before. I tried to use it to remove make up from my face and was amazed as Givenchy mascara is very hard to remove and it was able to gently remove it without giving my eyes a hard time. I never stopped using this. To Shop this, click the this: Banila Co Clean It Zero 

Nature Republic Cleansing Oil 

I was using a different brand before but I changed to Nature Republic Cleansing Oil when my friend asked me to bring home a facial cleanser for him from Seoul. I was in a hurry so I grabbed this when I was buying Ginseng Royal Silk Cream from Nature Republic. I also grabbed one for myself just to try it. I also need to purchase more than 400,000 Korean Won so I can get a free luggage lol. I tried it and it felt really gentle on my face. One swipe and it removed all the BB cream and make up from my face.

Innisfree Olive Real Cleansing Tissue

This is easy to use as you don’t have to use a facial cotton. I have been using this for years. Just one swipe and it can remove deep make up from your face.

Cleansing Foam or Cleansing Wash 

I honestly would recommend only a few products now as I have tried more than 50 facial wash and facial foam from different brands and only these proved to be honestly worth it.

Seatreea is one of the most underrated skincare brands in South Korea but for me, it is one of the best. Believe me, this bamboo charcoal facial foam is the best facial foam to remove dirt from your face and at the same time brightens your face.

Laneige Multi Cleanser 

I discovered Laneige Multi cleanser when I forgot to put my facial wash in my luggage for check in and it was in my handcarry so the airport in Bangkok confiscated it. I only trust Korean and Japanese brands and honestly, Song Hye Kyo’s poster lured me to purchase this. It promised to be a multi cleanser and didn’t fail me. You might feel a little bit dry the first time you will use this but it actually deeply removed dirt and impurities from your face. I still use this until now.

Get free shipping and up to 3 complimentary samples with all purchases over $25

Nature Republic Ginseng Royal Foam Cleanser

I use all the products in this product line especially the Ginseng Royal Silk Cream. This Foam cleanser also provides firming benefit as it has royal jelly and ginseng and you can actually feel it after using this.

Cleansing Water 

I honestly triple cleanse as like what I have said I always want to make sure that I will sleep and not wake up with a heavy feeling on my face.

Nature Republic Cleansing Water 

Innisfree Cleansing Water 

I have tried several cleansing waters including a European and American brand but were too strong. I recommend these two brands as they are very light on the face but can thoroughly remove all the dirt and make up from your face. The bottle is also fun to use as you just pump it with your facial cotton.

We all have different types of skin but I always highly recommend using Asian products as they don’t use too much scent and are actually really mild. I don’t actually stop at cleansing my face. I follow a strict skincare regimen every night and every morning and I recommended these products based which I have already used and are proven to be effective.






Seoul, South Korea 2016

Kamsa Hamnida  


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