Learning Skin Care and Makeup in Seoul – The Secret to Dewy skin

When I saw photos of Korean actress Jun Ji Hyun’s wedding, I wondered how she made her face glow and look natural like that.


I know how to put on make up, not professionally though, and I definitely know how to play with colors but doing the dewy and no makeup makeup look was something I would really love to learn. Since I will be spending 15 straight days in Seoul, I decided to find a school where I can learn Korean style makeup.

I chose Hera Academy as Hera is a distinguished skincare and makeup brand in South Korea. It is located in the Gangnam area. Their main model is Jun Ji Hyun.

I arrived early as I was so excited! Time to change my life lol

They asked me which type of makeup I prefer to learn and I told them I want to learn the day makeup which will suit me best.  I want to learn the perfect makeup that matches my skin color and will make me look younger. I know most Filipinos prefer the foxy makeup style which concentrates on making both eyes and lips look sexy but I honestly don’t like it as it makes you look older. I also think that you should only give emphasis on one part and not both at the same time. I always tell my friends not to use red lipstick and thick black eyeliner at the same time. The perfect example is Korean actress, Hwang Jung Eum.

Her makeup style gives more emphasis on the lips than the eyes


Proper Makeup Starts with a Proper Skin Care Routine 

I’ve always thought that putting on make up is just putting on make up. I was wrong. Makeup starts with a proper skincare routine. Even how to put it on your face has a technique. Makeup doesn’t start with putting on foundation. It doesn’t start with putting primer first either. It starts with proper cleansing, toning and moisturizing. Choosing the perfect facial cotton is also very important. She told me to choose high quality cotton for your skin to absorb the toner correctly. The way to put toner and moisturizer is also the opposite of what I know. It should be downwards and not upwards and with more emphasis on the parts prone to wrinkles. Prepping and Calming the skin before makeup helps you make the most out of your makeup. This is what makes the skin dewy. It’s not the makeup but the skincare routine before makeup that makes your skin glow. To learn the routine, please subscribe to my blog or sign up for the newsletter in the homepage.

Putting CC or BB cream or foundation – Instead of rubbing it on your face, you pat it on around your face. This way, the foundation will stay longer. You should also use two different shades, one darker.

Concealer is also very important so make sure to choose the color that matches your skin. Mine is Coral. To DIY, mix red lipstick with yellowish concealer. 

I’m busy

Korean makeup does not do a lot of contouring but a lot of highlighting – Tzone, Czone, VZone, UZone and StarZone


Believe it or not, they use bronzers before blush on


Even though they look like they didn’t put eyeshadow, they actually used around 3-5 shades starting with a light shade from the crease to make your eyes look bigger then a darker shade underneath then a shimmery one in circular motion in the middle. The instructor told me to use dark brown eyeliner instead of black and to never do a thick line underneath.



Do you know which part of makeup that Korean actresses can’t live without? Mascara and/or False eyelashes!


I know I did really well 🙂

Achieving the Dewy Look

I will be sharing how to do a no makeup make up look on my next blog so stay tuned!

The secret to dewy skin is all in this bag! To purchase the package with free demo, please let me know 🙂 

HERA Cleanser, Toner, Essence, Moisturizer, Sunscreen, BB Cushion

Hera’s Toner is perfect before make up as it has a thick texture



Off to see more autumn trees 🙂 


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