How to Cleanse Your Face in the Morning – the Japanese Way

The oil on the skin that’s released during sleep is a natural protective layer of the skin.  A lot of us put on a facial or sleeping mask when we sleep so to clean the face and get rid of some oil, here are some tips to cleanse your face in the morning –  the Japanese way!

Do you know that applying the cleansing foam or facial soap directly on your wet face is a big no no! The correct way is to work the product into a creamy lather.

Most Japanese wash their faces with facial soap bubbles. The bubbles enter the pores and remove the deep dirt and oils that have settled in our skin.

However, creating bubbles by hand isn’t enough especially if you are using a poorly formulated cleansing foam so using a net creates fine bubbles that truly reach deep into our skin’s pores.

Without a net, the cleansing foam used to wash our faces only touch the surface, leaving you prone to breakouts later on. Also, washing your face directly with your hands (instead of letting bubbles work their magic) causes stress to your skin, creating future wrinkles. That is why it is crucial to wash the face from the bubbles from the net.

Washing the face with fine bubbles is one of the key secrets to perfect skin in Japan

Facial Nets or Micro Bubble Former

Wet the foaming net (1)

Make sure to never use regular soap because it is a strong alkaline and our skin is naturally acidic, so the protective layer gets damaged.

The cleansing foam or facial soap forms like a cream or whipped marshmallow.

Notice the difference between using a net (left photo) and not using a net (right photo)

FullSizeRender (5)

Once the net forms enough bubbles, squeeze the bubbles or foam from the net onto the palm of your hand.  Do not use the net directly to your face!

Dab the foam on your face starting from the oily part of the face which is the Tzone area then to the driest part of the face which is the cheek area. You can also use a brush to spread it to your face.



There should absolutely be no friction and the skin to skin contact should be minimal.

Wash the net and hang to dry.

Using the net is also recommended in the evening after the Cleansing Oil or Cleansing Cream (Double Cleansing).  

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