The Best Skincare Regimen in your 30’s – Invest 10 minutes a day to improve your next 10 years 

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If you just wash your face with regular soap or Ponds facial wash every morning and evening, then its about time to think again. As you enter into the 30’s zone, you start to notice the first signs of aging. These may appear as fine lines, eye wrinkles, or a lack of firmness. Skin may seem drier and more sensitive as skin in your 30’s don’t recover fast as it used to. This means that it is about time to invest 10 minutes a day to improve your next 10 years and add a few hashtags in your vocabulary #antiaging, #agegracefully, #forever21, #youthfulglow, #MySkincareRoutine. 

Prevention is better than cure and in the skincare world, prevention is better than a surgical procedure. I remember one of my friends asked me if I did a face lift as my face looked more firm and was glowing. This is when I realized that the skincare routine I learned in Seoul was actually very effective. More people noticed so I went back to Seoul and bought a lot of skincare products, sold the products as a package and taught the routine. My friends who bought the package from me started to see improvement in their skin so I received more orders.

The Amazing Skincare Regimen

The Basics:

Cleanser, Toner, Moisturizer 

These 3 steps should be done everyday.

Double Cleansing in the morning and evening with a cleansing balm and a gentle cleanser is the first step to establishing a great base. Follow with a toner for an even deeper clean that will help clear and close your pores. Toner or a moisturizing water is a hydrating tool that preps your skin to make the most out of your other skin care products as it balances the pH levels. A lightweight emulsion, gel or cream seals the moisture and gives the smoothness your skin needs. 

Recommended Products:

 Double Cleansing – Click the link for recommended Cleansing Products 

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Sunsets (6)

Toner – I use Hera Moisturizing Water in the morning. It has a slightly creamy texture. This type of texture is the toner recommended in the morning before makeup.


Other Recommended Brands with similar texture and less expensive price:

The Saem Dewy Love Toner

Etude House Collagen Moistful Toner

Nature Republic Royal Ginseng Toner

Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Toner

Tony Moly Goat Milk Moisture Toner 


I use Featuring our best-selling products at!“>SKII Facial Treatment Lotion both in the morning and evening. It has a clear texture.


Other Recommended Brands with similar texture and less expensive price:

Missha Time Revolution Clear Toner 

Nature Republic Acqua Max Watery Toner 

Tony Moly Nutra Energy Toner 

To add moisture to your face any time of the day and even if you are wearing makeup, a pocket toner or pocket mist can be used


I use Sensai Emulsion III Supermoist, a Japanese Brand from the Kanebo Skincare Line.


Other Recommended Moisturizers:

Sheiseido (Japan)

Hera Moisturizing Emulsion 

Seatree Steam Cream 

Steam Creams became hugely popular in Japan and in Korea, the most recommended steam cream from Korea is from the brand Seatree (one of my favorite brands, a little bit underrated though).  Steam Creams contain high quality natural ingredients such as argan oil and rice bran oil, that are fused together by a shot of steam. This unique method makes the cream very lightweight, providing long hydration for the face.

The Add ons: 


It is advisable to exfoliate at least once or twice a week or during the weekend. I only recommend one brand – Skinfood!

The Rice Mask is my favorite as I really feel fresh everytime I rub it on my skin. After rinsing it with warm water, you can feel the softness of your skin.  The texture also makes it a perfect nourishing treat (very addicting!).


Sheet Face Mask 

I recommend using a sheet face mask 3-4x a week. Use it after applying a toner. I personally call this a Face Spa as it gives my skin the food it needs. It drenches the skin with the right hydration and moisture. This ritual is the most relaxing 20 minutes of my day. There are hundreds of sheet masks to choose from. I use hydrogel mask most of the time. I recommend Seatree Hydrogel Mask as you can feel the softness of your skin right away after using it for 20 minutes.

This mask

Sheet Masks can be fun too! He pronounces Cats as Catch lol


Seatree Facial Jelly Mask contains 50,000mg of collagen. Collagen aids in skin reconstruction and moisture loss.


I personally call this a Miracle Water. Essences boost the effectiveness of your skincare products and improve your skin’s overall health by increasing your skin’s moisture levels, moderates the skin’s renewal cycle, brightens your skin, and stimulates your skin’s ability to produce collagen, keeping it firm. It infuses your skin with vitamins A, C and E, amino acid, minerals and organic acids. It’s anti aging benefits helps prevent wrinkles down the line. Use this everyday after the toner and sheet mask.

I have tried all the known Korean and Japanese Essence brands. I would recommend using Featuring our best-selling products at!“>SKII Essence as it has 90% Pitera ingredient. Pitera™ is full of vitamins, amino acids,minerals and organic acids that work together to allow the skin’s natural surface rejuvenation process to function at its prime. I have noticed that after adding this to my skincare routine, my skin texture has become more refined and firm. It is quite expensive though.


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If you have less budget but want to get great results, other recommended brands which has similar ingredients  are Tony Moly Intense Care Essence, Missha First Revolution Essence, Nature Republic Royal Ginseng Essence and Innisfree Soybeans Essence. I only recommend using these brands in the evening as the texture is quite thick.

In the morning, I use Hera Cell Essence after using a Toner and before using a Moisturizer. It has a refreshing feel on the skin.


Eye Cream 

The skin around our eyes is where most of us sees the first visible signs of aging. When applying an eye cream, gently tap the area around/underneath your eyes with your ring finger in a circular motion to stimulate blood flow but make sure not to use too much pressure. Check your major concern: puffiness, dark circles, fine lines and dryness. I actually also use eye cream in the lines around my lips and nose area.

There are different kinds of eye cream in the market. I recommend Nature Republic Royal Ginseng Eye Improvement Eye Cream as it targets all major eye concerns.

01_10010018NL8653_TSX2Another eye cream product I recommend is the Innisfree eco science eye cream. One of my friends asked me to buy this eyecream for her when I was in Seoul and I also bought one for myself and I never stopped using it. This product contains an ingredient from marine plants from the clean and pure ocean of Jeju Island.



I have to admit that I can’t live without sunscreen. I feel that my skin is unprotected if I don’t use this. Aside from living in a hot city, I also work in front of a computer the whole day so using a sunscreen is vital. I use Hera Sunscreen.

In choosing a sunscreen, I choose the ones with a pinkish color. I bought a lot of stocks when I went to Seoul. This will last me for more than 6 months.


Nature Republic has a selection of sunscreens with a pinkish color.

Skincare Secret 

A product which I discovered when I was Seoul is the Nature Republic Ginseng Royal Silk Watery Cream. This is the last step in my skincare routine at night. I use this everyday. My Korean boyfriend also started using this and he keeps raving about how good it is. You can see and feel the difference on the first day of using this product. When you wake up in the morning, touch and feel your skin and notice the glow!

It has Goryeo Red Ginseng, Royal Jelly, Silk Amino Acids and 99% pure gold to brighten, moisturize and balance natural oil production. It is also certified by the Korea Institute for Skin and Clinical Sciences for increasing moisture retention, easing wrinkles and improving elasticity.

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Deep Facial Massage 

Make sure to get a deep facial massage at least twice a month.

Facial Massage in SKII Spa, Seoul

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