My Ultimate Inflight Skincare Routine and Tips on how to pack light!

I travel more than 15 times a year and usually I’m on an 8-12 hour flight. I also usually take the evening flight so I can arrive early morning in my destination. Dubai is in the middle of the world so travelling to Europe and travelling to South East Asia is around the same time. Far East Asia would be around 3 – 4 hours longer. Sometimes, I travel on weekends and come back for work on Sunday. Whenever I travel from Dubai to Bangkok, I take the 9pm flight and arrive early morning in Bangkok and go straight to the busy markets which closes at 9am so just imagine how my skin coped up with that! So, I always make sure to bring a skincare kit with me. Lucky for me, I got so many skincare samples in Seoul of the products I use so I don’t have to repack or transfer to a smaller bottle. But I have a few tips to even make your inflight skincare essentials not take up a lot of space in your handcarry.

I know we all want to look good in the airport and do the airport fashion trend plus we want to take selfies especially when we are ready for boarding (who’s guilty? lol) but do you know that our skin will experience a lot of anxieties during flight whether you’re on economy, business or first class. I don’t have to do a scientific explanation about oxygen and carbon dioxide but for sure you know how a long haul flight can steal your glow.

I will also give tips how to pack light!

Preparing your Inflight Skincare Kit

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First you have to prepare a small pouch which is enough to carry your inflight skincare essentials:

  1. Facial wipes
  2. cleansing oil
  3. cleansing foam
  4. moisturizing water or toner 
  5. moisturizer
  6. sheet mask 
  7. a few cotton pads
  8. eye cream – you can squeeze a bit of your eye cream to  your extra contact lens case

If you are on a 6-16 hour flight, a sheet mask is a must. Sheet masks are treatment-soaked products, and are great alternatives to the essence, serums and ampoule steps. After cleansing and toning, apply a sheet mask to brighten and intensely hydrate your skin.

Carrying the whole cleansing wipes would be heavy so I get a few pieces and put into a zip lock bag.

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While I would still recommend doing the double cleansing with a cleansing oil and facial foam, if you are on a 4-6 hour flight, you can use a no rinse cleansing water followed by a toner, sheet mask and then moisturizer. Put enough Cleansing water into 3x facial cotton and put in a zip lock. This way, you do not have to carry the whole cleansing water bottle in your handcarry.

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The Routine

  1. Dab a small amount of cleansing oil into your facial pad and remove the makeup on your face. Use a separate facial pad for your eyes.
  2. Cleanse your face with facial foam. If you just want to stay in your seat and do a facial spa, use a no rinse cleansing wipe but do it twice to make sure the makeup is removed.
  3. Use the moisturizing water or toner then apply a sheet mask. It is best to do this when the lights are off. I am sure others won’t mind you putting on a sheet mask. Your face will be hydrated!
  4. Apply moisturizer
  5. I do not use sunscreen onboard although it is recommended. 🙂 I use it when you are going to put makeup before landing.

My makeup kit onboard – Don’t forget a lip balm! 


What are your best travel skin care tips? Let me know in the comments!

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