How to Get Rid of Dead Skin Cells

Wonder why your makeup doesn’t stick or why your skin is cakey like mochi? Why you have flaky dry and dull skin? It’s because you are not getting rid of dead skin cells!

Our face is covered with dead skin cells. As you age, when skin cells die, they don’t fall off easily. They stay on our skin and keeping a rotten dead skin cell on our face isn’t a good idea. They can lead to breakouts, fine lines and wrinkles making us look older.

Q. So how do you get rid of stubborn dead skin cells? Exfoliation. 

You must exfoliate once every week and if you have sensitive skin, every 2 weeks.

Q.How do you know when it’s time to exfoliate?

After washing your face in the morning and your skin feels rough when you touch it, then it is time for exfoliation.

The Exfoliation Process:

Do not wet your face and rub the Skin Food Strawberry Black Sugar Mask gently on your face. The fine sugar beads which helps to improve circulation.



The beads roll with dead skin cells and help shed it off. As you softly rub the sugar mask on your face, you provide the necessary stimulation to your skin.  The texture of the mask is like ice cream sherbet so it feels good to the skin.

The next step is to use another exfoliating product which has a softer texture – a peeling gel mask. The gel mask will minimize irritation and dissolves the dead skin cells. I recommend the Saem’s Cell Renew Bio Micro peeling gel.

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If you layer these two products, one with beads and one without, they work in synergy to melt away dead skin cells. Scrubbing with beads will exfoliate mechanically and the scrubbing with gel will exfoliate chemically. So it is more effective if you use both together.


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The two layered products will foam and you will some heat. Leave it on for 10 minutes and then rinse off. Touch your skin and let me know how it feels.

After rinsing, wipe and apply water based toner, moisturizer and spf. You will notice that your foundation or BB cream will not appear dry and cakey and you have a glowy, dewy complexion. The makeup will also stay longer.

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