That South Korea Visa! Your Guide on How to Apply!

The South Korean culture craze has captured Asia and the rest of the world by storm. Even the Middle East did not escape the Korean wave. When I went to Jordan, teenagers were asking to take a photo with me and greeting me with Anyeong Haseyo.

Well who wouldn’t want to come to Seoul?

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For a Korean drama fan, coming to South Korea is a dream come true but to those who are not a fan, what makes them put South Korea on their Top 3 Destinations List along with Japan and Hong Kong?

First is the food. The splurge of Korean restaurants in the Philippines is evident to this. What is more appealing than a Korean BBQ with charming side dishes such as kimchi and egg pancake. I am hungry now!

Second is the Korean skincare and makeup which the rest of the world is following. Most big European and American brands have patterned their skincare routine and anti-aging regimens to Koreans with the rise of BB creams, double cleansers and pre-make up skincare.  The no makeup makeup look also started as a trend from South Korea. You will see a long strip of skincare and cosmetic shops when you come to Myeongdong in Seoul.

Well, third is Korean fashion and hairstyle! Korean fashion styles are a hit among Asians and are flocking to Seoul Fashion Week every year.

Fourth is to experience what tropical countries do not have – Spring, Autumn and Winter! South Korea is really beautiful during these seasons especially in autumn so I would recommend coming there during these times.

Sung Yuri? No, it’s me lol

Fifth, to fall in love not only with the country but with the people! If you have not watched a single Korean drama in your life, you wouldn’t know that Korean romance is something else!

You will see it in real life though once you come to South Korea. Lovers are everywhere! 

The not so bad news is that Filipinos still need a visa to come to South Korea. Well, it will be great if Filipinos don’t need a visa to come to South Korea just like the Thais, Malaysians and Indonesians who are also big Kpop fans. If this happens, Filipino tourists will flock to Seoul in no time. However, do you know that applying for a South Korea Tourist Visa is free for Filipinos. Yes, it is! Filipinos don’t need to pay to apply for a Tourist visa. All Filipinos need to do is to prepare and submit all the documents directly to the South Korean Embassy or South Korean Consulate.

I know I am talking too much so let us go directly to how to apply for a South Korean Tourist Visa. 

Best Time to go to South Korea 

Autumn is the most popular time to go to South Korea as the country is bursting with fiery orange, yellow and green during autumn. Autumn in Seoul usually starts last week of October until 2nd week of November. Other cities and provinces either start earlier or a week after.

Spring –  like Japan, South Korea is very beautiful during spring with its cherry blossom trees. Spring in Seoul is during last week of March to second week of April.  Other cities and provinces either start earlier or a week after.

Winter – if you love snow then go! (between 2nd of December to end of February)

Summer – I honestly wouldn’t recommend coming to South Korea during summer as it will be quite humid.

Note that the peak time differs in every city***

When should I apply?

It is safe to apply one month before your intended travel.
AddressVilla #39, Street 24b, Area 342, Jumeirah 2 – Dubai
Phone04 344 9200

All application forms should be submitted before 12 noon.

Abu Dhabi

Address33rd Airport Rd,Embassies Area,Near Embassy of Alegeria – Abu Dhabi
AddressMcKinley Town Center, 122 Upper McKinley Rd, Taguig, 1634 Metro Manila, Philippines
Phone+63 2 856 9210

What are the Requirements?

1. A fully completed Visa Application Form, which has been signed by the applicant or parent (or guardian) if the applicant is below 16 years old – to download the application form, please click here. 
2. One passport size photograph, which must have been taken within the past 6 months.
3. A signed and stamped No Objection Letter from the company which states the applicant’s full name, nationality, passport number, position, salary, purpose of the visit. If self employed, a copy of the Trade License.
4. Last 3 Months Bank Statement and/or Financial Records
5. Copy of the hotel reservation and itinerary in South Korea – I suggest booking your hotel online through or Make sure that the hotel booking is flexible which means you will not be charged unless you cancel one day before your trip. 
6. Copy of Return Airticket – You can get a reservation  from the airline or through a travel agency. Make sure that you Do NOT pay for/buy the ticket until your visa has been granted. Note that Embassy does NOT and will NEVER require a booked return ticket to be submitted during the application process.
7. Original Passport and passport copy – Passport must be valid for more than 6 months and has more than two blank pages left.
8. A Copy of Residence Visa, which should be valid for more than 6 months.
9. Travel Insurance
NOTE: If in case you are a Philippine national living or residing in a foreign country and you wish to avail a South Korean tourist visa, kindly inquire with the appropriate South Korean Consulate in the country that you’re living in.  I applied from Dubai and my mom applied from the Philippines and the requirements were almost the same as the above, maybe even less.
***If you are working abroad and you would like to go to South Korea with your family but they are living in the Philippines and you will be sponsoring or paying for all the travel expenses, you need to submit the same documents mentioned above for each family member but the bank statements that they will be submitting are your bank statements. Make sure that you have the financial capacity and income to support your family travelling with you. You also need to submit a letter addressed to the South Korean Consulate that you will be paying for all the expenses including flight ticket, accommodation, food, transportation, etc.
If your child is a minor, you need to secure a DSWD Clearance if he or she will be travelling with a family member who is not a legal guardian. For information on how to obtain a DSWD clearance, please click here.
Since we do not pay taxes in Dubai, you need to submit a letter addressed to the South Korean Consulate stating that we do not pay taxes in Dubai. I also submitted my 3 months payslip with a company stamp.

How long does it take for a visa to be released?

To my knowledge, for Filipinos, it usually takes minimum 2-4 business days. The Consulate will give you a small paper which mentions when you need to come back to get your passport.

How long is the Validity of the Visa they will give?

As a temporary visitor, the South Korean Consulate grants 15 or 30 days of stay.

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How to Apply for a Visa to South Korea for Filipinos

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