25 Signs You’ve Been Living in Dubai for Too Long

  1. When you repeat words  – I’m coming, I’m coming. Come Come. Yalla Yalla. Go Go. Ok Ok. Hello Hello.

  2. When your accent automatically switches to the same accent of the person you are talking to which means you know every single accent in the world. I hear myself speaking in British Accent whenever I speak to a British haha and Indian accent if I speak to Indians.

  3. You call everybody ‘my friend’ when you want to approach someone. Even your own Doctor is your ‘my friend’.

  4. When you handle difficult situations with these phrases ‘What to do’ and ‘Why Like this’. Why like this my friend? I’m dizzy dizzy.

  5. You go home to your country and they serve you water for free.

  6. When you are giving directions on the phone and you say that your building is near Spinneys or Westzone.

  7. When you don’t lock your house at night and you are looking for your keys in the morning only to realize it is still in your bag….sometimes same with your car! You don’t have the habit of locking doors anymore! 

  8. When you call the cold season ‘Winter’ lol

  9. When you go back to your home country and you are looking for AC in a store in a market and bus stop.

  10. Talabat.com or Deliveroo is your bestfriend when you are hungry.

  11. When you go home to your country and you turn on the radio and you suddenly miss Kris Fade!

  12. When you go home to your country and the public toilets does not look like Hotel toilets.

  13. When you want to buy alcohol and you realize you don’t have alcohol license and when you go back home, you will be amazed that you can buy alcohol in convenience stores and gasoline stations.

  14. When you want to go to the beach and it is just 10 minutes away haha

  15. When you answer an unknown landline number and you are ready to answer with I don’t need a credit card, I don’t need a loan only to realize that it is the laundry shop telling you to pick up your laundry lol

  16. When you are used to a driver risking his life just to be one car ahead of you LOL and see yourself just scratching your head.

  17. When luxury cars no longer amazes you as they are everywhere but when you go home, you are amazed with economy cars all dressed up – hood, expensive mags.

  18. When you go home and you are converting the items you are buying to AED currency to feel that it is not expensive.

  19. When you can go out of town with no hesitations and does not mind getting lost for 2 hours as refilling your petrol does not matter.

  20. When the first thing that will come to your mind when there is no traffic is – School Holiday! Because the first sign that there will be traffic is when you see kids in school uniforms waiting outside your building and waiting for the Big Yellow Bus!

  21. When you don’t have local channels but you know what is the latest movie!

  22. You are in Ikea at least once a month!!!

  23. When you see a famous landmark being available to public in a year. I was just in Safa Park last year and now it is Dubai Canal!!!!

  24. When you know that even if you lose your bag or celphone, you don’t need a miracle! It will be returned to you!!!

  25. When you are screaming in your car because you are fighting with…Google Map LOL! In 600 meters, turn left ( to realize it is a uturn!).


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